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Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Realizations I've made over recent weeks:

1) I must be really popular because countless numbers of people have come to me requesting that I post a new blog.

2) Anytime you climb something really high and really steep, it's always worth the effort.

3) I am becoming a more mature person. This is reflected in my decision not to blog about my love-hate relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention.

4) I can grow out my finger nails if I have good reason to do so.

5) Men turn into 8-year-olds when they get in a swimming pool.

6) I am more picky than I thought I was.

7) I think I would be a good cook if I had time to experiment.

8) Riding a camel is uncomfortable after the first three minutes. You just go numb from the waist down after about 20 minutes.

9) People are often impressed by the job title of "train conductor."

10) I hate it when theological liberals call me names that I've never been called before - ones that involve the f-bomb as an adjective.

11) I have very lovely friends. (Actually, I've known this for a while).

12) Pregnant people will say anything!