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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

For those flooded in New Orleans, those homeless in Biloxi, those hungry in Bay St. Louis

I spent a substantial portion of the evening watching the hurricane coverage. My prayers are certainly with the hurricane victims, for their safety, health, and recovery. I pray that this will be a time when the Gospel will go forth and be heard. I saw not only damage to roads and buildings and homes, but I saw damaged and hopeless hearts.

One of the news reporters, after showing footage of the looting in New Orleans, commented, "These times certainly bring out both the best and the worst in people." It seems true that those far away from the danger desparately want to help, to send money, to show kindness and generosity. Meanwhile, many of those in the midst of disaster, seem to want to take advantage of the chaotic situation by looting or even killing (as several people reported gunshots). This seems to illustrate both the common grace and the fallen nature of mankind.

Several times, I heard people express that they had lost everything in this hurricane, whether that be a home, a business, or a spouse. They seemed lost, helpless, and hopeless. I wondered if they had really lost their everything. I wondered if many of them were without the eternal promises of Christ. Nevertheless, I could understand feeling those emotions even as a Christian, when your reality is that everything you have ever known on this earth is gone. That would be shocking and devastating. My prayer is that the Christians affected by the hurricane will remember the promises they have in Christ and turn to Him for all comfort. I also pray that unbelievers will see their need for Christ alone. I pray for God's mercy and provision on all those affected.

I heard a lady tell her story. She owned a bed and breakfast in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. She and six guests were in the B&B when it literally crumbled. She and the others clung to a tree as the waters swiftly swept under them. A couple in their eighties were swept away (and later rescued). The others kept clinging on for dear life. The reporter asked this B&B owner what she was thinking about while clinging to the tree. She said she was thinking that she wanted to have more faith. From her testimony, I got the impression that she had not previously been living a life of faith. I pray for her, that God will truly work in her life, open her heart, and bring her to faith in Him (if she has not already). I pray for all those like her, who encountered a life or death situation, that God will use those situations to draw them to Himself. I pray that there will be many boldly poclaiming the Gospel. I pray that there will be many showing the love and care that Christ demands us to show to those in need.


  • At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Russell D. Moore said…

    Laura Beth,
    A very moving post...
    A Biloxian to the End,
    Russell D. Moore

  • At 1:52 PM, Blogger ckhnat said…

    Laura Beth,

    Goodness knows that I've heard quite a bit about the events that took place after your blog entry. you probably had no idea what a "ruckus" it would cause. As you can tell I keep all of my entries light-hearted and threaded with humor. but my blog never received so much attention till now.

    i'm sticking to my goofy stories though. i would start a new blog if i wanted to address seminary relationship issues or theological debates.

    thanks for checking my blog out ... i'm having fun skimming through yours.



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