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Monday, October 17, 2005


Daniel has been preaching through the book of Matthew, and it has been amazing. I cannot expres the joy and love that my heart feels for Jesus every Sunday night as Daniel shows us more of Jesus and leads us to see more of Him. Last week Daniel talked about repentance. He talked about true repentance - a repentance that brings deep and healing love, that leads to celebration and not condemnation, that brings satisfaction and rest. So what does true repentacne look like? Daniel chose to show us true repentance by contrasting Wordly Sorrow and Godly Sorrow. (How convicting!)

Wordly Sorrow or confession or shallow repentance is our usual way of saying I am sorry to God and to one another. It does not cost us much pain.
Godly Sorrow or deeper repentance is the lifestyle Jesus is calling us to. It is a dying to self that may cost us some pain.

WS = I am sorry for what I DO
GS = I am sorry for what I AM

WS = I focus on my behavior and desire moral reformation (behavior modification)
GS = I focus on my heart-attitude and desire spiritual transformation

WS = I have an explanation
GS = I am sick of explanations

WS = I repent by trying to do it right the next time
GS = I repent that I don't have it right and trust Christ to be my righness.


  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Martin LaBar said…

    Thanks. His description of the two types of repentance rings true.


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