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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Alex O'Nan is My Rushmore

So, I have had a few requests from the members of Alex's fan club to get his stuff linked from my website. So, here are all things Alex O'Nan: his blog, his art, his band.


  • At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Who is this guy?

  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger leslie said…

    I need some of Alex's wisdom on a recent post on my blog



  • At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Regina O'Nan said…

    hi laura beth atwood...i got an e-mail irt your upcoming day in december...looking forward to meeting you someday soon...hey, would you do a little recon for me, now that we're buds, and check up on mark sherid, also a southern student?...he's a friend from days-gone-by in DC...tell him regina said hello...


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