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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bluesy Moo-Moo

My mother, affectionately known as Moo-Moo, is the coolest. I went to my mailbox today and saw that I had a package from mom. As you all know, receiving packages - especially unexpected packages - is so much fun! I anxiously opened up the package, and what did I see but a calendar - and not just any calendar. It was a Mississippi Blues calendar, featuring the photography of Dick Waterman. I was thrilled for two reasons:

1) I don't have a calendar. I don't have a planner. I don't have any system of keeping up with
times and dates and events. I told my mother this last week, and I think she was somewhat
concerned - thus the calendar appearing in my mailbox.

2) I love Dick Waterman. He is an amazing photographer. He specializes in taking pictures of
musicians - especially blues musicians. And he is the only non-performer in the Blues Hall of
Fame. Dick lives in Oxford, Mississippi - my hometown. I've talked to him a few times
around town - at Uncle Buck's Record Shop, The Downtown Grill, the Double Decker Arts
Festival. He wouldn't remember talking to me, but I remember talking to him.

I plan on visiting Dick this spring. He always sells his photography at the Double Decker Arts Festival, and I always go by a look at all his pictures - even though I've seen them all before. I look and dream - dream that I could afford his photography, dream that I could take pictures like that, dream that I had been there when Dick was taking pictures of Howling Wolf, Chuck BerrySon House, Ray Charles, Mick Jagger, B. B. King, "Mississippi" John Hurt, Doc Watson, Maivs Staples, John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Loretta Lynn, Muddy Waters, Keith Richards, Robert Lockwood...


  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger Nikki Daniel said…

    I am SO ready for the Double Decker Arts Festival! I'm ready to hang out with Emmylou...
    Heather should come with us!! Oh man, I can't wait...


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